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Are you looking for the best San Antonio concrete contractors? If so, you’ve found the right experts to pave your driveway, parking lot, or any other surface. Selecting a suitable material is not enough. You also need the best contractor for your project.


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concrete patios

Concrete driveways are also low maintenance, durable, and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, patios made of concrete are highly durable, and our crew can pour them into different shapes. Patios are a vital aspect of any outdoor living space. Most people spend several hours with family and friends on the patio.

Proper concrete patio installation can also add beauty and value to an outdoor living space. But not all contractors can install concrete patios on your property to help you enjoy all these benefits. That’s why you need the best experts to handle your residential or commercial concrete patio installation project.

Morales Concrete has professional contractors with a vast track record of installing superior concrete patios. Our crew installs great concrete patios with excellent aesthetics. We work with every client to design and build concrete patios that meet their unique needs.

Some of the concrete patio types that we build include: 

Stamped concrete patios
Modern concrete patios
Stained concrete patios

Talk to us if looking for reliable patio concrete contractors in San Antonio, Texas, and we will be glad to handle your project.

sidewalks & walkways

Adding concrete sidewalks and walkways can add curb appeal to your property. This option is becoming increasingly popular as an artistic expression point of a home. At Morales Concrete, we have experts with vast hands-on experience installing concrete sidewalks and walkways with different decorative options.

Plain gray concrete sidewalks and walkways are the most common option in many properties. However, we can install decorative alternatives to deliver excellent results. Once you enlist our concrete pouring service, our crew will work closely with you to develop different designs that accommodate your unique preferences.

Apart from their decoration aspect, concrete walkways and sidewalks provide direction, leading visitors to your doorbell. Nevertheless, hiring the best San Antonio concrete contractors is the only way to achieve the goals of your project. Our vast hands-on experience, creativity, and innovation enable us to install quality concrete walkways and sidewalks that our clients envision. Our installations are decorative and attractive. Contact us to discuss your project with the leading concrete contractors in San Antonio, Texas.

concrete foundation

A strong foundation is essential in every building because this part supports the entire structure. Building a residential or commercial construction is a costly undertaking. Therefore, pouring a concrete foundation is a sure way to protect your investment. At Morales Concrete, we have experienced professionals with a sterling reputation for building robust concrete foundations.

Our foundations provide a solid base that supports the floors and walls because we understand the essence of high-quality concrete foundations. Our team handles all project aspects efficiently and professionally, from excavation and groundbreaking to block wall installation and clean-up.

What’s more, we’ve streamlined our concrete foundation pouring process to ensure strength and durability. Additionally, the concrete floors on top of these foundations are attractive, modern, and environmentally friendly. If looking for experts to install a concrete foundation on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Among the concrete foundations that we install include: 

  • Slab foundation
  • Poured wall foundation
  • Pier and beam foundation

We charge affordable rates, and we work with clients from the moment they start their projects until completion. We can also repair your concrete foundation. Contact us to ask any queries about your foundation or request an estimate.

stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is a beautiful and exciting option for applications like driveways, patios, home floorings, and decks. This concrete is standard in sophisticated homes in San Antonio, Texas. However, you require the superior craftsmanship of experienced concrete contractors to achieve excellent results with your stamped concrete project.

At Morales Concrete, we imprint concrete with diverse patterns resembling authentic paving surfaces like brick, tile, wood, cobblestone, and slate. What’s more, we charge low prices for this installation that you would pay for most pavers. Hiring us to install stamped concrete on your commercial or residential property is a perfect way to add new function and value.

Our stamped concrete combines the durability and strength of concrete with natural paving’s aesthetic. That way, you bring elegance to your sidewalks, patios, plazas, driveways, pool decks, walkways, and interior floors.

Upon enlisting our service, we will use high-tech methods to install superior stamped concrete on your property. What’s more, we will use secondary colors to enhance aesthetic appeal and texture. Our crew will also guide you in selecting patterns and designs that will complement and accentuate your structure. Contact us now for quality stamped concrete services that will enhance your property’s aesthetics and value.

frequently asked questions

Ans: Concrete is made of cement, aggregates, water, additives, and paste. Our San Antonio concrete contractors can also add mineral colors to give it the color, make it lighter or darker.

Ans: No concrete is durable, but it doesn’t require too much maintenance. By applying a sealant and cleaning your concrete surfaces, you can protect them from harsh elements. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning concrete surfaces or applying deicing chemicals to enhance their longevity.

Ans: No. As hinted, our contractors can add mineral colors to your concrete to change its appearance. That means you can have concrete surfaces with almost any color.

Ans: Concrete cracking occurs due to thaw or freezes. Small cracks can’t compromise the strength of your concrete and are perfectly normal. And you can place joints or add a fibrous product to address the gaps.

Ans: Experts use flexural and compression mechanical strength tests to determine concrete strength. Concrete strength depends on the water to cement ratio. Also, materials’ quality influences the strength of concrete.

Ans: The duration that concrete takes to cure will depend on the poured concrete’s depth. The outside temperature and cement type also affect this period. On average, concrete takes about 2-3 hours to settle and seven days to cure. Also, concrete takes the next 28 days to gain strength.

Ans: Concrete is an eco-friendly material because its recycling occurs throughout its lifetime. Concrete contractors can add most industrial by-products and wastes to concrete mixes. And this can minimize your dependence on raw materials. At the end of concrete’s lifespan, experts can recycle it for different uses.


Do you need help with your residential driveways? If yes, contact us for professional driveway concrete installation. Driveways are the entrance to your home. Therefore, you need experts to install or repair them to ensure beauty and quality. Concrete driveways have numerous benefits, including design versatility, durability, and elegance.

Morales Concrete has the most competent experts in installing concrete driveways in your home and ensuring high-quality results. We specialize in concrete driveway repair and installation. Among the concrete driveways that our crew works with include:

  • Stamped concrete driveways
  • Standard concrete driveways
  • Stained concrete driveways
  • Engraved concrete driveways

Our concrete contractors in San Antonio, Texas, have a proven track record of installing and repairing these types of driveways while ensuring top-notch results. Regardless of the scope or requirements of your driveway project, we’re the right team to handle it. If planning for an upcoming driveway project, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. Contact us now for quality services at reasonable prices.

concrete buggy rentals

Our concrete buggy rentals are an excellent option for you when moving large volumes of construction materials. With this option, you don’t have to bug about cleaning up your job site because our equipment can carry, hold, and remove concrete, debris, and other items from your work sites.

This equipment is ideal for hauling concrete and landscaping materials across the job site. We provide multipurpose ride-on vehicles that ease the job for the operators by enabling them to transport tools or materials to the job sites. Our service brings you a low-maintenance vehicle suitable for golf courses, construction sites, agricultural operations, and nurseries.

We charge daily, weekly, or monthly rates for our concrete buggy rentals. What’s more, we let you enjoy the flexibility of renting specific equipment whose size suits your project. The non-marking tires or tracks make our equipment ideal for outdoor, indoor, and even rough terrain use. Contact us now to get quality concrete buggy rentals!